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The Ruins Around Kočani

Perhaps it was because of the 91 days we’d just spent racing around Tokyo, or perhaps it was the oppressive heat of summer, but we arrived in Macedonia feeling lazy. Our first two months were spent at a relaxed pace, exploring Skopje and taking leisurely day trips to places like Ohrid and Bitola. Very nice, […]

Ohrid: The Jewel of Macedonia

Shimmering in the southwestern corner of Macedonia is Lake Ohrid: a UNESCO Heritage Site, and one of the oldest lakes in the world. Over the years, Ohrid has developed into Macedonia’s favorite summer retreat. Whether to play in the pristine water, dance the night away, or just escape the heat, Macedonians and visitors from across […]

The Kale: Skopje’s Medieval Fortress

Thought to have been built in the 6th century AD, Skopje’s fortress is its most famous symbol. The Kale (pronounced “kah-lay,” not like the vegetable) is located atop a hill on the northern side of the Vardar River, providing it a commanding view over the old town. Scholars believe that the fortress was constructed under […]