The Smolari and Kolešino Waterfalls

Visiting the wetlands of Monospitovo had eaten up the entire morning, but our day in southeastern Macedonia was far from over. After refueling with a gigantic plate of meat in Novo Selo’s Restaurant Lebed, we made our way south, to visit two of the country’s most popular waterfalls.

Macedonia waterfalls

After leaving our car at the entrance to a park, we needed twenty minutes to hike to the Smolari Waterfall. The walk was strenuous, especially after the heavy lunch, and once we’d reached the waterfall, we didn’t find it all that inspiring. Smolari is more of a “slide” than a “fall,” with the water skidding down a big, flat, inclined rock. The nature in the park is nice, though, so if you’re in the area and have extra time, it’s worth stopping. But there’s another waterfall nearby which is more impressive.

waterfall at Kolešino

The waterfall at Kolešino also requires an uphill hike of about twenty minutes to reach and, along the way, you’re likely to encounter family after picnicking family. After reaching the main waterfall, you can continue up the side of the river, walk around the bend, and see the water crashing down smaller, but more attractive drops.

Neither Smolari nor Kolešino crack our “Top Ten Waterfalls” list (which might be unfair considering the time we spent in Iceland), but both are nice. And hunting them down provides an excellent excuse to get out into the beautiful nature of southeastern Macedonia.

Locations on our Map: Restaurant Lebed | Smolari | Kolešino

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this respite! Often, just getting away into nature is enough to replenish the soul…and I really needed it today. Thanks guys! I shared this post from Facebook… 

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