From Lake Ohrid to Prespa

A scenic drive through the Galičica National Park connects Macedonia’s two largest lakes, Ohrid and Prespa. For those willing to hike, it’s possible to see both lakes from one mountaintop view.

The drive between the two lakes should take about 45 minutes, but few people complete it so quickly. The panoramic views are simply too nice, especially those of Lake Ohrid to the west, and the road has a number of spots to turn off. Because this is a national park, there’s an entry fee, but the cost seems to be suspiciously variable. We paid fifty denar (about €0,40), but the next day we met a Dutch couple who had been charged €7. Be cautious.

As you crest the mountain and begin the descent to Lake Prespa, there’s a spot to park. From here, two hiking paths depart. The southern trail is longer, steeper and more difficult, but although it offers the better views, we opted for the easier northern trail. “Easy,” of course, being a relative term. The hike took about an hour, and was constantly uphill. The whole time, I could have sworn that we were just about to reach the top, but the ascent kept going and going.

Eventually, we made it to a radar station on the summit, from where it was possible to see both Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa at the same time. On the much easier return, we noticed bunkers carved in the rock, possibly from World War I. I started to explore, taking a step into the darkness, but backed out after considering the very real possibility of stepping on a rusty old Bulgarian grenade.

Location of the Trailhead

The Trail We Hiked on

Great View From This Hotel At Lake Prespa

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  1. Ivana

    I appreciate the wonderful job you have done at portraying the beauty of Macedonia.  These images are breathtaking, and they offer a fantastic glimpse of everything that the small Balkan gem has to offer! There is so much history, culture, and nature – something for everyone to enjoy. 

    1. mpowell

      Thanks so much, Ivana! Macedonia is really a beautiful place, and we hope that comes across in our pictures. We had such an amazing time exploring… and you’re right, with all the things that Macedonia has to offer, there really is something for everyone. Hopefully more people will discover the country!

  2. Gabriel

    Hi I really liked the info here. Do you have an idea of how long would it take to cross from lake prespa to lake ohrid following this trail?

    1. Mike

      Thanks for writing! We didn’t do this, so it’s hard to say. I think hiking the entire way would be too much, probably … it seemed like a lot in our car, maybe 20 kilometers? There might be a way to do it, that we’re not aware of, though. Let us know if you find a good way to hike between the two lakes!

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