The Duf Waterfall Near Rostuše

After parking our car in the center of Rostuše, a small village within the bounds of the Mavrovo National Park, we set off to find the Duf Waterfall. This was an easy hike of about forty minutes, following a well-marked trail from the main road.

The hike begins unremarkably, leading behind the houses of Rostuše, but improves after arriving at the foot of a long ravine. The trail continues through the canyon, occasionally crossing the Rostuše River over a set of foot bridges. The ascent is never too strenuous, the path is clearly-marked, and with benches set up along the path, this is a stress-free, straightforward hike.

The trail ends at a cliff face, where there’s a large split in the rock. At the top, behind a rock wedged into the gap, the Duf Waterfall comes crashing down, splashing upon a boulder. It’s a lovely sight, and one which I’d guess few foreigners manage to see… or Macedonians, for that matter. In this sparsely-populated area, the Duf Waterfall feels like a hidden treasure.

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