Pictures from Skopje’s Old Bazaar

The center of town might be south of the Vardar, but Skopje’s most picturesque neighborhood is on the northern side the bridge. The Old Bazaar, also called the Čaršija, extends roughly from the Kale Fortress to the Bit Pazar. With its mosques, antique shops, baklava bakers, hamams and tea gardens, the Čaršija might as well be a neighborhood in Istanbul. We loved it here, and visited whenever possible.

Short Term Rental in Skopje

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  1. Henrik

    Greetings from Denmark. I like the way you travel and reading what you write – and not least, I enjoy the photos, they kind of tell me more than words. I visited Skopje earlier this year. It was quite overwhelming and full of contrasts. I will be back in about a month. You can’t finish Skopje in just a single visit.

  2. Bobby Temelkov

    Thank you for sharing this great stories & photos from
    my beautiful country Macedonia with the world, keep up the good job.Beast Regards Bobby Temelkov Macedonian living in Canada 

  3. Ivana

    Amazing photos guys! The Old Bazaar is definitely the most picturesque part of Skopje! 

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